Turn AE parents on and off
when you need it!

Works for Mac and Windows, After Effects CS6 and up
available on AESCRIPTS
Parenting done right
Simple interface
Select child layers, set the number of parents you need and click a button. Easy.
Cool custom controls
Set up your scene in an instant.
Intuitive workflow
Set hold keyframes for parenting like any other property.
Cool stuff you can make with Good Parents
Interface animations
Simulate drag-n-drop, do sliders and much much more.
Easy to use
Only animate your main controllers, child layers inherit all the animation properties.
Multiple parents
You can set more than one parent for any child layer.
Good Parents work seamlessly with other products
Element 3D
Duik & Puppet Tools
Raytraced Shapes
Get it now on AESCRIPTS
Spread the word. Help GoodParents take over the world!
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